Do you know that it is possible to come up with innovative ideas while playing and having fun with your team?

What are serious games?

Serious games are board games that combine educational and entertainment elements. The result is an effective and enjoyable learning experience that stimulates creativity and allows players to develop ideas, skills, and competencies to apply in the real world.

Need an example?

Imagine being a restaurant manager who wants to renew their menu. 

Firstly, you will need to orient your proposal according to your CUSTOMERS’ taste. Then, you will need to source quality FOOD RAW MATERIALS, perhaps even a SECRET INGREDIENT that the restaurant down the street cannot find. Finally, you will need to come up with DISHES, adjusting the FLAVORS well to obtain a balanced MENU. Not to mention the WAIT STAFF and the KITCHEN BRIGADE that must collaborate harmoniously to have satisfied customers.



Certainly, this is no easy task and requires analytical and innovation skills and teamwork.

What you’ve just read are the main stages of a game of Ideachef, the serious game that uses the cooking metaphor to help teams, startups, and businesses like yours to come up with the “perfect recipe” for developing innovative ideas and projects or finding a solution to a business problem.

Are there other kinds of serious game?

The sky is the limit! The genre, methods, and supports used during a serious game may vary, but one thing is certain: you and your team will participate in an interactive, dynamic, and highly productive experience for the growth of your business.

Contact us to organize a serious game for your team or participate in one of our upcoming serious game meetups. Innovating has never been so fun!