You can design, select and validate your business ideas more easily with canvas templates

What are canvas templates?

Canvas templates are tools designed to help entrepreneurs manage their business and growth processes more effectively. 

Basically, they are posters to be hung on the wall that graphically and intuitively represent the essential elements of a project and the relationships they have with each other. 

What for should I use canvas templates?

  • To generate ideas

They provide an immediate representation of your business project, making it easier to collaborate and generate innovative ideas within the team (yes, even remotely).

  • To analyze your project

They provide an overview of your project, clearly highlighting its strengths and weaknesses and helping you to think about future developments.

  • To analyze the market

They offer a clear picture of the environment and the needs of the customer you interact with, with the goal of identifying opportunities and threats to your project.

  • To do everything you need to

They are a flexible tool that can be applied to startups, SMEs, corporations, government agencies, and even individuals.


Which canvas template is right for me?

There are many types of canvases and methods that adapt to different needs…

  • Business model canvas
  • Lean startup canvas
  • Value proposition canvas
  • The mission canvas
  • R&D canvas
  • The business model of you
  • The Blue print canvas
  • Business opportunity navigator
  • Fast track to roadmap
  • Fast problem setting
  • Project portfolio
  • Javelin Board

If all these options confuse you, know that…

 … at idea-re we use a proprietary method (the mapping canvas), which combines the most suitable tools for each stage of the growth path of a business idea. This way, we build a customized process for your project, choosing the most effective canvases for your needs and those of your team.

If canvases are your thing, know that…

… they can be combined with other methods such as Lean Startup and Serious Games. Why not take a look?

Contact us now: you’ll be able to use canvases to accelerate the growth of your project.