Healthy Ship 4U

Client: CNT Lab


Developing global solutions for health safety on cruise ships

HS4U: Healthy Ship 4U


Healthy Ship 4U is a three-year research and innovation project worth over €6 million, supported by the European Union under the Horizon Europe program.

The objective of the project, which involves 23 international partners, is to develop and test global solutions that will facilitate early detection, prevention, mitigation, and management of epidemic outbreaks on large passenger and cruise ships, ensuring safe naval operations and port returns in case of a health crisis.

Problem / Solution

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need to reevaluate existing regulations and protocols in terms of health and maritime safety, optimizing ship design parameters as well.

HS4U addresses this challenge from a holistic perspective, proposing a solution that integrates social, legislative, environmental, and technological factors.

  • It will develop rules and guidelines to help manage potential epidemics and other public health threats in the future.
  • It will create a tool that allows people to interact in real-time with Internet of Things (IoT) devices using collaborative robots and AI.
  • A robot cabin will be implemented as a demonstrator of the technologies developed within the project.

The Project

Idea-re supported three companies in identifying the partnership, negotiating the project role, and developing operational activities (the exploitation plan for the results).

Healthy Ship 4U

Client’s need

  • Submit a funding application
  • Define and implement the exploitation plan for the obtained funding
Healthy Ship 4U

Contribution of Idea-re to the project

Idea-re collaborated with two technology providers and one partner company, helping them enter the HS4U partnership and supporting them in defining their role and budget within the project.

  • The partners received a total of over €900,000 in non-repayable contributions at 100%.

Idea-re is currently collaborating with variance–ascola to define and develop the exploitation plan for the obtained funding.

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