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MASTERCOW is an alternative solution to antibiotics for the treatment of dairy cows.

MASTERCOW: Safer Milk from Healthier Cows


MASTERCOW is a success case among the 9 projects supported by idea-re in gaining access to the European Commission’s funding program dedicated to Small and Medium Enterprises (SME Instrument).

The market

Every year, 860 million tons of milk are consumed worldwide. Approximately 1/3 of this milk is likely treated with antibiotics, equating to one cup of milk for every three. Currently, antibiotics are the only available therapy to ensure the health of animals and the safety of milk.

World Milk Production (FAO)

The problem

One of the main diseases affecting dairy cows is mastitis. The treatment for this disease, which impacts nearly 40% of the animals, requires antibiotic therapy and the need to discard the milk produced for a period of 15 days from the end of the treatment. The overall cost for a farmer is approximately €440 for each head affected by mastitis, often resulting in negative outcomes, including the potential death of the animal.

Average Total Cost per Head Affected by Mastitis

The solution

MASTERCOW is an alternative method to the use of antibiotics, involving a mammary duct lavage. MASTERCOW eliminates the infection within a few hours and is effective in 90% of cases. Traces of the product disappear within the next 48 hours, with almost immediate resumption of milking. The cost of the therapy is 30% of an antibiotic cycle.

The project

MASTERCOW has received funding from the European Commission under the SME Instrument Phase 1 Program for the development of a feasibility study aimed at defining the technological roadmap and marketing plan to bring the product to European and international markets.



Developing a feasibility study with the aim to:

  • Define the market potential of the product in relation to the target markets.
  • Outline additional pipelines for technological development.
  • Finalize the project’s business plan.
  • Define the most appropriate distribution strategy.
  • Secure financial resources to accelerate project development.


  • The project involved 6 months of market study, during which bibliographic and statistical sources were analyzed to quantify the market and identify key development drivers.
  • Three testing sessions were conducted with farmers selected by CNT LAB, enabling the identification of technological development directions for the product.
  • Two distribution agreements for the product were concluded.
  • The main competitors were analyzed with a technical-scientific approach, involving highly qualified consultants.
  • The marketing strategy was defined, and key financial indicators were identified and evaluated.


idea-re collaborated with CNA Parma and CNA Reggio Emilia, supporting the CNT LAB team in presenting the funding proposal to the European Commission and in the development of the feasibility study.

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