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OXAMA is the first wearable sports computer designed for freediving and extreme sports.

Oxama Diving: the first wearable device dedicated to extreme sports

Oxama Diving

Oxama Diving is a wearable device set to revolutionize the world of freediving and extreme sports.

Oxama is a hardware device worn beneath the diving mask, equipped with pressure sensors, oximetry, an accelerometer, and a bone conduction transducer that produces human voice sounds.

During the dive, the freediver listens to voice messages regarding dive parameters while maintaining the best hydrodynamic posture and maximum concentration.

Once the diving session is completed, the freediver can review the recorded data on Oxama through a dedicated smartphone app and share them on social media, thus enhancing the diving experience.

The Market

The target market is the wearable device market for sports, valued at over $42 billion and steadily growing. Oxama targets the diving segment, comprising approximately 6 million users.

The Problem and Solution

Currently available solutions do not allow for monitoring key parameters like blood oxygen concentration and, most importantly, display these data only through a screen.

Oxama allows for the collection of various data and records them in a dedicated app.

Furthermore, the information from each dive is transmitted through voice using a bone conduction transduction system.

The Project

idea-re is supporting Oxama in both the strategic and commercial development phases, as well as in fundraising activities through public contributions.

Oxama diving

Client’s need

  • Develop a marketing strategy to accompany the go-to-market phase.
  • Develop a fundraising strategy to support the project’s industrialization phase.
Oxama diving


A go-to-market strategy has been developed, identifying the main distribution channels in target markets.

€170,000 has been raised by creating a strategy that combines various financing tools:

  • SME PH1 (Seal of Excellence and contribution from the Lombardy Region)
  • Brevetti Plus Invitalia Grant
  • Cascade Funding: AMable Project

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