Collaboration Call Italy-Israel 2023

Collaboration Call Italy-Israel 2023

Collaboration Call Italy-Israel 2023

The Collaboration Call Italy-Israel 2023 funds joint projects between Italy and Israel on topics of common interest to both countries. A contribution equivalent to 50% of the costs incurred is provided. Applications must be submitted by 5:00 pm on June 21, 2023.

idea-re has already concluded a collaboration agreement with its Israeli partner to support its clients in both the phase of identifying local partners and in the preparation and management of the funding application.

If you want to learn more about this opportunity and are interested in participating in the project, sign up here for the free webinar that will be held on May 11th at 2:00 pm: we will illustrate all the details of the call and put you in touch with partners with whom to submit the funding application.

Collaboration Call Italy-Israel 2023

When to Submit the Application

The project for the Collaboration Call Italy-Israel 2023 must be submitted jointly by:

  • 5:00 pm on June 21st for the Italian part
  • 12:00 pm on June 21st for the Israeli part
Collaboration Call Italy-Israel 2023

Who Funds

Italian partner. The Italian partner can be either an industrial entity (company) or a non-industrial entity (university, research center, etc.).

Industrial entity

  • A company that carries out research and development activities and implements the project either independently or in association with other companies or public and private entities.
  • If the company does not directly conduct research and development activities, it must be assisted by a non-industrial entity.

Non-industrial entity

  • The proposing non-industrial entity (university, research center) must necessarily associate with an industrial entity for the implementation of the project, which may or may not carry out research and development activities.

Israeli partner. The Israeli partner must be a research and development company that can profit from the sale of products/services developed during the implementation of the project. The Israeli partner may be assisted, for technological and scientific aspects, by a non-industrial entity, as a sub-contractor (university, research center, etc.).

The Italian and Israeli partners must express the desire to cooperate, on an equal basis, in the development of a new product, industrial process or service;

Collaboration Call Italy-Israel 2023

What is Funded

The call funds collaboration projects in the following areas:

  • medicine, biotechnology, public health, and hospital organization;
  • agriculture and food science;
  • computer applications in education and scientific research;
  • environment, water treatment;
  • new sources of energy, alternative to oil, and exploitation of natural resources;
  • innovations in production processes;
  • information technology, data communications, software, cybersecurity;
  • space and earth observation;
  • any other sector of mutual interest.
Collaboration Call Italy-Israel 2023

Eligible Expenses

The following expenses are eligible:

  • Personnel
  • Materials and equipment and consumables (max 30%)
  • Travel expenses
  • Consultancy fees (max 5%)
  • General expenses (max 3%)
Collaboration Call Italy-Israel 2023

How much is Funded

A non-refundable contribution equal to 50% of the eligible costs is provided.

Collaboration Call Italy-Israel 2023


All documentation relating to the call can be downloaded at the following link.

idea-re can support you in the application and management phase of the funding application. To learn more, contact us by filling out the form on the side.