The Open Air Museum

A new concept of a museum, open, digital, and inclusive.

Vignola Civic Museum "Augusta Redorici Roffi"

The Open Air Museum

Since 1978, the Civic Museum has been a cultural offering in the city of Vignola, serving as an important reference point for the study, research, and enhancement of the geo-paleontological heritage of the Panaro Valley.

The exhibition is divided into two main sections: one focusing on paleontology and another on geo-mineralogy, with a brief section on paleoanthropology. The visit has been designed following an educational approach: a general introduction to the topic followed by a section dedicated to the local findings displayed in their relevant environment.


  • It was necessary to make the Museum more open and inclusive in order to accommodate a broader audience and allow people to explore the museum in a more interactive and engaging way.
  • Additionally, new educational pathways specifically aimed at primary and secondary schools had to be developed to help children and young students gain a better understanding of the territory they live in and its history.
  • Lastly, the modes of experiencing the exhibition spaces needed to be rethought by integrating digital systems that would allow for advance booking of visits and access to digital content to enhance visitors’ experiences.

Thanks to the funding obtained from the “Open Air Museum” project, all these objectives were achieved, and the Museum has transformed into a welcoming, engaging, and accessible place for learning and discovery.


Idea-re supported the Municipality of Vignola in accessing public funding provided by the DOORS project, Digital incubator for museums, financed by the EU Horizon 2020 program, under the cascade funding scheme. The program targets small museums throughout Europe and is managed on behalf of the EU by the Austrian company Ars Electronica.

The “Open Air Museum” project is the only one in Italy to have successfully passed a rigorous European selection process and reached the final phase of project implementation.

The Open Air Museum will receive a non-refundable grant of €27,000 for the development of a digitization and gamification project aimed at primary and secondary school children.

The Open Air Museum

Customer Needs

  • Digitizing the Museum, allowing broader access to its collections.
  • Developing training programs for primary and secondary school students.
  • Securing financial resources for the project’s development.
The Open Air Museum

idea-re’s contribution to the project

Idea-re supported the museum in initiating a collaboration with a software house specializing in museum apps and gamification. Visitors will be able to download the application on their devices or use it on designated devices within the museum. This will facilitate the exploration of the exhibition spaces, particularly by connecting the halls with fossil outcrops along the nearby river. It will transform the visit into a playful and dynamic experience, appealing to both adults and younger audiences.

Additionally, idea-re provided support in participating in a European call for funding to gather the necessary resources for project development.

  • The Open Air Museum will receive a non-refundable grant of €27,000, fully funded at 100%

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