CyberSec 2SME

Client: Lupasafe


Testing the cybersecurity systems of the Port of Galați in Romania

CyberSec 2SME: cybersecurity for critical infrastructures

CyberSec 2SME

CyberSec 2SME is a one-year research and innovation project in the field of cyber security, funded through a cascade funding from the European SecurIT project.


Today, critical infrastructures are more vulnerable than ever to cyber attacks, making it essential to implement effective cyber security systems.

The goal of CyberSec2SME is to develop a pilot project to test the cybersecurity systems of the Port of Galati in Romania, ensuring that transactions made in the port are secure and protected from cybercrime threats.

Project partners

Lupasafe (formerly Skopos.AI) is a cybersecurity company that can monitor employees, websites and technological infrastructure in real time for security breaches.

Beia is one of the leading telecommunication providers in Romania and currently manages the IT infrastructure of the Port of Galati, a highly critical commercial hub for the country.

Lupasafe will continuously monitor the IT security systems and processes of Beia within the Port of Galati. BeiA employees have been tasked with introducing human and system vulnerabilities, while Lupasafe will detect and report risks and monitor progress. Lupasafe will issue a monthly executive report on the security of Beia and a daily dashboard for IT staff to monitor operations.

CyberSec 2SME

Customer Needs

  • Forming the partnership
  • Submitting the application
  • Securing funding
CyberSec 2SME

idea-re’s Contribution to the Project

idea-re collaborated with Lupasafe Beia to form the partnership, submit the funding application, and supported it in the negotiation and finalization of the contract.

  • The project was selected by SecurIT and received a cascade funding of 86,000€.

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