Finanziamenti Europei Cascade funding – Bandi Febbraio 2022 – Aprile 2022

Finanziamenti Europei Cascade funding – Bandi Febbraio 2022 – Aprile 2022

Cosa sono i finanziamenti europei cascade funding

I finanziamenti europei cascade funding (letteralmente, finanziamenti a cascata) sono finanziamenti europei erogati da progetti già finanziati dalla Commissione Europea attraverso bandi europei.  In questo post segnaliamo i bandi di finanziamento di Cascade funding aperti da Febbraio 2022 ad Aprile 2022.

I finanziamenti europei cascade funding erogano contributi a fondo perduto, con percentuali che possono andare dal 50% al 100% (spesso nella forma del voucher), che vengono erogati per:

  • Sviluppo soluzioni innovative
  • Sviluppo progetti pilota
  • Implementazioni di soluzioni tecnologiche, che utilizzino componenti sviluppati dal progetto “madre”

Tutti i Bandi europei cascade funding in scadenza da Febbraio 2022 ad Aprile 2022

Ecco tutte le opportunità disponibili da Febbraio 2022 ad Aprile 2022:

idea-re può supportare la tua azienda in tutte le fasi di sviluppo del progetto, dall’attività di invio della proposta di finanziamento, fino alla fase di esecuzione. Se vuoi saperne di più, contattaci compilando il form a lato.

Finanziamenti europei Cascade funding Febbraio 2022

Progetto Argomento Finanziamento Scadenza
 NGI Assure NGI Assure is looking for projects implementing the “Next Generation Internet” initiative, thus to contributing to a resilient, trustworthy and sustainably open internet.

Folloing projects will be supported:

  • scientific research
  • design and development of open source software and open hardware
  • validation or constructive inquiry into existing or novel technical solutions
  • software engineering aimed at adapting to new usage areas or improving software quality
  • formal security proofs, security audits, setup and design of software testing and continuous integration
  • documentation for researchers, developers and end users
  • standardisation activities, including membership fees of standards bodies
  • understanding user requirements and improving usability/inclusive design
  • necessary measures in support of (broad)er deployability, e.g. packaging
  • participation in technical, developer and community events like hackathons, IETF, W3C, RIPE meetings, FOSDEM, etc. (admission fee, travel and subsistence costs)
  • other activities that are relevant to adhering to robust software development and deployment practices
  • project management
  • out-of-pocket costs for infrastructure essential to achieving the above
€50.000 > €200.000 01/02/2022
EUHubs4Data Data driven experiments that, involving services and datasets from the federated catalogue of EUHubs4Data, result in innovative data driven products (as Key Exploitable Results), and contribute to the European Data Strategy by addressing some of the challenges associated to the sectorial European Common Data Space €60.000 01/02/2022
OneNet OneNet is looking up to 9 Third Parties that will introduce new services for the network operators and the household consumers by adopting the OneNet infrastructure and framework.

The scenarios that the applications proposals shall address are:

  1. Deep power system analysis through GIS server application (Georeferenced power system modeling and analysis utilising the geo-server) – Greek Demo
  2. Active participation of an actual prosumer to the Cyprus demo and its coordination by the ABCM-D platform
  3. DSO-TSO interaction – Portuguese Demo
  4. Flexibility Provider engagement to test local markets able to alleviate network congestions at medium and low voltage network levels – Spanish Demo
  5. Flexibility resources to provide flexibility services to the Northern Demonstrator
  6. Advanced Data Quality Analysis of Data Exchange Platforms
  7. Third Party providing access to the Polish Balancing Market for prequalified Flexibility Service Providers
€60.000 01/02/2022
DIHnamic This call aims to select SMEs from sectors in the terms and conditions of the call regulations and based in Castilla y León (Spain), who wants to improve their digitalisation thanks to the personalised services provided by the Digital Innovation Hubs, in order to increase their efficiency, better manage risk, add customer value and discover new opportunities for income generation. €2.000


HUBCAP  Less digital SMEs (MBD CPS users) will have access to MBD (Model-Based Design) and CPS (Cyber Physical Systems) solutions and services provided by specialised entities. HUBCAP funding to third-parties SMEs will enable the extension of the technology offer beyond the consortium partners.

Each EXPERIMENT will fund consortia of two SMEs, namely one user/adopter SME and one provider SME, to experiment with MBD either by integrating the HUBCAP ecosystem offers or implementing in a new MBD CPS solution.

From  €30.000 to €70.000 per consortium 02/02/2022
#ChallengeMyCity The overall purpose of the Factory programme is to resolve challenges facing European cities to improve citizens lives, by taking innovative ideas and putting them to the test in real life.

For the first release of this call, the cities of Toulouse and Milan are participating. They present specific mobility challenges that need to be addressed and will be hosting the pilots to tackle these challenges. During the implementation of the activities, the pilots will take place in parallel. The pilot implementation will be co-funded by EIT Urban Mobility and administratively supported by the cities

from €30.000 to €60.000 08/02/2021
AIPlan4EU The call aims at the definition, launch, management, evaluation and monitoring of the open calls, offering that every participant receives the best possible guidance from the assets within the consortium.

The selected use-case owners will participate in a workshop that aims to engage them in the project objectives & activities and guide through the process of detailing their use-case to be increase the chances of being selected to participate in the further project open calls.

€7.500 per call 10/02/2022
DOORS DOORS – Digital Incubator for Museums, seeks to give small and medium-sized museums across Europe an opportunity to steer the direction of the sector’s digital transformation.

The project wants to reduce the digitalisation gap by creating the space for small institutions to voice their needs and offering them access to knowledge, resources, expertise, and an incubation and skill-building programme.

€27.000 13/02/2022
BOWI The project aims to support DIHs, SMEs, and Midcaps by facilitating the access and uptake of SAE and I4MS technologies.

Beneficiaries: SMEs or Midcaps, that have proven business activity in one of the following 9 regions: Eastern Slovakia (SK04), Slovakia; Southern (HU23), Hungary; Adriatique (HR03), Croatia; Center (RO12), Romania; Capital Region (LT01), Lithuania; Central & Western region (LT02), Lithuania; Ukraine; Prague (CZ01), Czech Republic; Belgrad (RS11), Serbia

€60.000 16/02/2022
DEMETER Funding provided to small consortia of 2-3 partners for the deployment of new high-value pilots in the agri-food sector, employing DEMETER methodologies and technologies, addressing clear farmers’ needs, with particular focus on EU geographic regions not represented within DEMETER pilots €150.000 per consortium 16/02/2022
REACH The call will fund the execution of projects led by SMEs including a Data Value Chain (DVC) scenario where value is created from the sharing of data, proposing innovative products and services making use of Big Data tools but also adhering to one of the participation tracks defined below:

  • THEME-DRIVEN (Track 1): REACH consortium has in collaboration with the 3 leading European Digital Innovation Hubs onboard defined the cross-sectorial Data Value Chain (DVC) themes to be tackled by participants. DVC themes available in the first open call are tourism & entertainment, energy, circular economy, digital marketing, agriculture and retail manufacturing/industry, healthcare and insurance.
  • READY-MADE (Track 2): Applications will deal with challenges defined by the REACH Data Providers according to the needs detected in their market (JOT Internet Media, Migros Ticaret A.Ş., Sonae MC, Yapı Kredi Teknoloji, De Vlaamse Radio- en Televisieomroeporganisatie nv (VRT), Play&go experience, Idea75, Almerys, EDP, COFARES, An Group, and Biilbao Council)
  • FREE CHOICE (Track 3): Applicants will devise novel DVCs by bringing their own data provider/s and/or their own datasets with those already facilitated within the REACH Data Catalogue. The applicant, a single SME, will apply together with their own Data Provider/s (at least one) proposing a joint challenge to be solved.
up to €120.000 22/02/2022
ASSIST-IoT Proposals must contribute to the ASSIST-IoT paradigm by validating some of its technologies in one challenge of one pilot.

Applicants must select one challenge of one of the project pilots – (i) port automation, (ii) smart safety of workers and (iii) cohesive vehicle monitoring and diagnostics.

€60.000 28/02/2022

Finanziamenti europei cascade funding Marzo 2022

Progetto Argomento Finanziamento Scadenza
EIT Digital Innovation Factory 2022  EIT Digital Innovation Factory is looking for world-class digital DeepTech activities led by teams with powerful entrepreneurial drive, to support the next generation of digital companies that can impact Europe and the world’s challenges. The Innovation Factory 2022 programme supports pan-European entrepreneurial teams from education, research, and business organisations, to launch or boost digital DeepTech ventures in one of the following focus areas: Digital Tech, Digital Industry, Digital Cities, Digital Wellbeing and Digital Finance. To be defined 3/03/2022
MINE.THE.GAP MINE.THE.GAP brings together SMEs from the raw materials and mining sector with companies that have solutions for a more digital, greener, and circular mining value chain.

Support is provided thorugh two actions:

  • MINE-PoC Voucher provides financial support of up to €25 000 per SME for the design and implementation of a prototype/proof of concept to demonstrate its feasibility.
  • MINE-Demo Voucher provides financial support of up to €50 000 per SME for the development and testing in a production environment of a simple functional pilot or demonstration with all the major features of the product/service/solution.
€25.000 > €50.000 14/03/2022
EOSC Future RDA is looking to contract an individual or an organisation who can provide technical tools to organise and curate, over time, RDA outputs. RDA creates on a regular basis a significant range of outputs, tools, standards, recommendations by its committed, volunteer community which are used by the global research community. These resources need to be maintained over time in order to provide a core service for EOSC and other research commons e.g. standards, code, guidelines, etc. €40.000 15/03/2022


StairwAI, is a European Union-funded project which aims to facilitate the engagement of low-tech companies in the AI4EU platform (a one-stop-shop for anyone looking for Artificial Intelligence (AI) knowledge, technology, tools, services, and experts) and the implementation of AI.

Challenges to be addressed:

  • Rethinking and visibility of supply chains
  • Human resources
  • Management of data generated by the internet of things
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Zero defect manufacturing
  • Environmental issues
  • Logistics
  • Chatbots
€60.000 15/03/2022
EOSC Future This call iteration specifically targets individuals or groups aiming to establish RDA Working Groups focusing on the development of solutions for EOSC. The RDA WG outputs are defined as “technical and social infrastructure solutions developed that enable data sharing, exchange, and interoperability”. €15.000 21/03/2022

PULSATE is the new PAN-European Network designed to boost the adoption of Laser-based Advanced and Additive Manufacturing (LBAAM) technology that will empower the European Manufacturing industry digitalization.


  • Technology Adopters (End-Users / Manufacturing companies) with high-potential business Use Cases for implementation of LBAAM technology in their processes, products and business models.

  • SMEs or Slightly bigger legal status is required

  • Companies legally established in the EU Member State or Associated Country


  • Demonstrate the applicability (Use Case) of LBAAM in an Adopter´s environment, supported by 3 months of technical and business feasibility assessment.
€25.000 31/03/2022

Finanziamenti europei cascade funding Aprile 2022

Progetto Argomento Finanziamento Scadenza
SecurIT securIT will select up to 21 projects per Open Call aiming to develop new prototypes or demonstrators in the Security and Cybersecurity domains with support from SecurIT consortium.

Projects must be submitted by the consortia of 2 SMEs and should address one of the SecurIT Challenges.

  • Prototyping Instrument, to build the  prototype or MVP of the solution: €74.000
  • Demonstration instrument, to pilot a prototype or MVP: €88.000
€74.000 > €88.000 26/04/2022