Data: 9 Luglio 2020

Prezzo: Gratuito

Orario: 14:00 - 15:00

Luogo: Webinar

Israel has a strong entrepreneurial culture, with an impressive push on new technology developemnt enhanced by investment funds and a supportive state.

This is why some startups decide to move to the other side of the Mediterranean and why many European companies open research and development centers in and around Tel Aviv.

The webinar will have the purpose to provide a short guide on first steps you need to undertake if you want to start a new (business or technological) venture in Israel:

1. Main legal form for companies

2. Taxation system

3. Innnovation enviroment

4. Business etiquette

The webinar will be led by Paolo Franceschini, founder of idea-re, in partnership with Joshua Yeres, Head of Innovation Grant Advisory Services for Variance Ascola.

Paolo Franceschini is a professional fund raisier with strong backgroun in Lean Startup and Innovation management.

Joshua Yeres is an Experienced and driven professional deeply familiar with global and Israeli markets.

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