Cascade funding

Cascade funding

I cascade funding (letteralmente, finanziamenti a cascata) sono finanziamenti erogati da progetti già finanziati dalla Commissione Europea.

Sono contributi a fondo perduto, con percentuali che possono andare dal 50% al 100% (spesso nella forma del voucher), che vengono erogati per:

  • Sviluppo soluzioni innovative
  • Sviluppo progetti pilota
  • Implementazioni di soluzioni tecnologiche, che utilizzino gli asset sviluppati dal progetto “madre”

In questo post manterremo aggiornata la lista dei cascade funding, con visibilità media su 1-3 mesi.

Bandi cascade funding

Di seguito forniamo una lista (in costante aggiornamento) delle opportunità di cascade funding maggiormente interessanti.

idea-re può supportare la tua azienda in tutte le fasi di sviluppo del progetto, dall’attività di invio della proposta di finanziamento, fino alla fase di esecuzione. Se vuoi saperne di più, contattaci compilando il form a lato.

Scadenze Maggio Giugno 2020

Progetto Argomento Finanziamento Scadenza
MARKET 4.0  Fixed lump-sum for SMEs and midcaps to ‘connect and produce’ through the MARKET4.0 marketplace. €50.000 > €100.000 28/05/2020 Incentivize EU – US teams to carry out experiments with NGI technologies. €25.000 > €150.000 29/05/2020
 WeldGalaxy WeldGalaxy is looking for efficient and cost-effective arc welding methods to weld variety of materials with a variety of geometries and thicknesses. Up to €100.000 29/05/2020
NGI0 PET  Support to projects in follwing areas: open hardware, internet and web protocols, operating system security, encryption tools and services. €50.000 01/06/2020
NGI0 Discovery Support to projects in discovery and identification technologies . €50.000 01/06/2020
NGI POINTER Bottom-up projects that are able to build, on top of state-of-the-art research, scalable protocols and tools to assist in the practical transition or migration to new or updated technologies €200.000 01/06/2020
INNovaSouth Support to projects for innovation in workplace (micro companies located in Sicily (IT) or Thessaly (GR)). €8.000 03/06/2020
Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH)

Support for the development of smart applications in Europe.

€50.000 06/06/2020
European Data Incubator

Dedicated incubation programme and a total of €5 000 000 equity-free funding to EU-based start-ups and teams (Big Data)

€100.000 17/06/2020

Development of innovative Earth Observation services and products dedicated to Energy, Environment and Food markets by using a cross-border and/or cross-market collaboration.

€100.000 20/06/2020

Development of innovative edu tech projects. Acceleration program.

€195.300 30/06/2020
KET4Clean Production

Focus on the integration of advanced manufacturing technologies.

€50.000 30/06/2020

Supoport to sell assets through HUBCAP platform.

€1.000 30/06/2020

Scadenze Marzo Aprile 2020

Progetto Argomento Finanziamento Scadenza
INNOWWIDE Targeting markets of developing countries, large emerging economies (Brazil, Russia, India, China, Mexico etc.) and developed countries. €60.000 31/03/2020
NGI Zero PET Open hardware, internet and web protocols, operating system security, encryption tools and services. €50.000 01/04/2020
NGI0 Discovery Technologies related to search and discovery. €50.000 01/04/2020
Engage  Thematic challenges:Vulnerabilities and global security of the CNS/ATM system; Data-driven trajectory prediction;Efficient provision and use of meteorological information in ATM;Novel and more effective allocation markets in ATM; €60.000 06/04/2020
European Social Catalyst Fund  Develop plans to scale proven social service innovations. up to €100.000 15/04/2020
NGI Explorers Program Sponsor European Top researchers and innovators called EXPLORERS to join a unique technology expedition in the US. €4.650 per month per explorer 21/04/2020
DAPSI Incubator: empower top internet innovators to develop human-centric technology solutions addressing the challenge of personal data portability on the internet as foreseen under the GDPR Up to €150.000 22/04/2020
eSSIF-Lab Development of Self Sovereign Identity (SSI) solutions, such as apps  or protocols. Up to €106.000 30/04/2020
TETRAMAX TETRAMAX will boost customized low-energy computing innovation in European industries for cyber-physical systems and the Internet of Things. €20.000 > €60.000 30/04/2020
 ELG Contribute resources, services, tools or data sets to the ELG to increase its coverage or develop applications using language resources and technologies available in the ELG. Up to €200.000 30/04/2020